Oreh [ohr-rā] is an aspiring vocaloid producer from the Emerald City known as Seattle.  Vocaloids are software synthesizers used to generate vocals for song writers.  Originally wanting to become an instrumental music composer, he has since then discovered vocaloid technology and wants to incorporate vocals into his own music.  

Oreh grew up learning to play the guitar by ear and reading sheet music for the piano.  As time passed, he turned his attention to producing computer music and loving every minute of the creative process.

When it comes to music style, Oreh focuses on writing catchy melodies and blending different



types of sounds found from other genres; from electronic to instrumental to world music. Each song include unique robotic sound designs taking listeners on an otherworldy expedition.

As a song writer, Oreh hopes to contribute to the awareness of vocaloids and dreams of people opening up to such unorthodox approach to music compositions.  After spending the last few years trying to perfect his tuning of vocaloids, Oreh is now ready to make his first song release called, "Just A Moment"--using vocaloid's most renown singer,  Hatsune Miku (V3 English voice bank).  Future releases will also include Megurine Luka and GUMI english banks.